Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

What strengths do you possess that you are overlooking?

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Embracing Technology: 4 Steps To Boost Your IT Knowledge — And Your Business

(This article originally appeared in the July 9, 2012 edition of the Worcester Business Journal.

Report: 46% of Students Use Facebook For Education Collaboration

A report released last week by Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit group, shows that social media use among students for educational research is

Has Your Klout Score Lost You A Job?

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What's Klout?
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Survey: 25% Of U.S. School Districts Lack Social Network Presence. Is Yours One?

How Do You Plan To Use Google Drive?

Google is set to announced today its cloud storage service called Drive. Rumor has it that Google will offer up to 100GB of storage space for an annual fee.

Poll: Educators, What Do You Use To Encourage Your Students To Write?

I Use Voki
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I Use Something Else (let us know in the comments)
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Total votes: 1

Do You Use Wordle To Encourage Reading?

Yes, I use Wordle all the time
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No, I use something else (let us know in the comments)
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Technology in Education: How To Create In Your Students A Desire To Write

Are there assignments that students look forward to completing? How can we go beyond boring memorization lessons? Keep reading for one resource that allows today's educators to offer an interactive assignment that your students will look forward to completing.

Technology in Education: How To Make Reading Fun

Are you looking for a lesson plan that will engage your students? Then keep reading for an interactive solution that will make students of all levels want to learn. Motivating students to read is more challenging than ever. How does an educator compete with brief Facebook posts and 120-character "tweets"? Just as the melodious fragrances from a spice bazaar whet the appetite, anticipation is what creates an interest in reading. How can you, as a teacher, create anticipation? One method is to give your students a brief overview using key words contained in the material.


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