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Embracing Technology: 4 Steps To Boost Your IT Knowledge — And Your Business

(This article originally appeared in the July 9, 2012 edition of the Worcester Business Journal.

Report: 46% of Students Use Facebook For Education Collaboration

A report released last week by Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit group, shows that social media use among students for educational research is

Survey: 25% Of U.S. School Districts Lack Social Network Presence. Is Yours One?

How Do You Plan To Use Google Drive?

Google is set to announced today its cloud storage service called Drive. Rumor has it that Google will offer up to 100GB of storage space for an annual fee.

Scientist Develop Hack-Proof Quantum Computing

Physicists Stephan Ritter and Gerhard Rempe headed up a team at the Max Plank Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Germany that has successfully produced quantum computing.

Intel Announces New Tablet For Students

Does Your Organization Use Windows XP? Microsoft To End Support

'Zeen' Set To Bring Magazine Publishing To The Classroom

Apple Addresses Flashback With Second Java Update

Apple addresses the Flashback trojan with a second Java update released this week. It is only for Lion 10.7. It is not currently available for Snow Leopard.

Besides Overheating, Wi-Fi Problems Reported on Some iPads

9To5Mac is reporting on an AppleCare internal memo that addresses WiF


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