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Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

Credit: Penguin Random House

Failure with a capital "F". That's what Calamity is.

Those who have read the first two books in the Reckoners triology, Steelheart and Firefight, are already familiar with the main character, David Charleston. He kills Epics: certain humans who have had their DNA alterted by a red star, Calamity. This alteration grants them superpowers but also incites them to commit evil acts. The superpowers and evil are negated when Epics confront what they fear most.

It's a given that fantasy books are to be taken with a grain of salt. However, some of the Epic "superpowers" and fears imagined by Brandon Sanderson are downright preposterous.

A good part of the book involves David trying to figure out the weakness of his arch-Epic, Prof, in order to remove the dark evil from him. The entire remainder of the book sees David planning his strategy. As is always the case with David's "planning", nothing goes his way. The biggest dissapointment of all comes at the (anti)climax when David battles his arch-Epic. Everything David planned for is thrown out the window. But David comes up empty. The survival of the human race comes down to an afterthought; an "oh yeah, I suddenly remember that situation from years ago" moment.

Calamity is like banana bread covered in ants - not fit for consumption.