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Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Credit: Random House


What a treat Pierce Brown's Red Rising trilogy has been. It has taken us from the bowels of Martian mines all the way to interplanetary space warfare. The last we saw of Darrow in the second book of the trilogy, Golden Son, he had been betrayed and his mentor assassinated.

Morning Star opens with an interesting insight into the mind of a person who has been deprived of everything. The story quickly transitions into an action-packed rescue mission to free Darrow from his captors. At first, Darrow is reluctant to head the Sons of Ares. However, Darrow's figurative awakening is a moving depiction of change in his mental and emotional state. From this point on, we see the leader in Darrow take over and once again marshal the Sons of Ares through a hellish war for equality.

Morning Star is more than just spaceships shooting at each other. The characters express raw emotion as they try to understand each other and their goal. In this world of shrewd political maneuverings, there are no easy answers.