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Besides Overheating, Wi-Fi Problems Reported on Some iPads

9To5Mac is reporting on an AppleCare internal memo that addresses WiFi connectivity issues on some new iPads. This online Apple forum has over 700 replies discussing the Wi-Fi problems experienced by some iPad users. The user known as vanpers says:

It's pretty obvious that these are all defective units. The question is how many had fell through the crack and ended up in our hands. Not small. It's already 14 days, and still no SW fix, because there isn't one. A tablet computer without wifi is a royal piece of junk. Oh, you can still use it as a high definition digital photo frame if you were not lucky enough to get the HP touchpad.

In the internal memo, Apple admits to at least three WiFi issues:

  • Intermittent connectivity
  • Slow Wi-Fi speeds

  • Wi-Fi network not seen

iPads with 4G LTE connectivity are not affected. Third-generation iPads with just Wi-Fi are the ones experiencing issues.

Any units affected can be shipped back to Apple for a full replacement.

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