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Could Your Small Business Use A Network Security Bootcamp?

Are you a small business owner? Are you "tech savvy" enough to lock down your cyber network or do you rely on someone else? If your small business is like most, you cannot afford your own IT department. That means relying on a third party whose rates can rival those of celebrity defense attorneys. The alternative, not doing anything, could, at the least, introduce a malicious virus to your network. At worse, clients may avoid doing business with you if they see you don't have minimal protocols in place to secure your network. AVG, best known for their anti-virus software, has announced a small to medium business (SMB) bootcamp for your network security.

How Does AVG's SMB BootCamp Work?

When you sign up for AVG's SMB bootcamp, you will receive "eight self-help modules structured to systematically deliver protection education, security assessment and the knowledge to help you secure your business." You will receive one module per week. The modules do not contain difficult technical terms; a perfect solution for the non tech-savvy small business owner. The modules are delivered in "bite-sized chunks" allowing the subscriber to proceed at his or her own pace.

AVG BootCamp Syllabus

Here are the topics covered in the AVG bootcamp:

  1. Analyse your business
  2. Understand the threat landscape
  3. The threat within – employees
  4. Hardware
  5. Cloud
  6. Mobile
  7. Social Media
  8. Create your own security policy

Is AVG Bootcamp For You?

Is AVG BootCamp for you? If you are a small business owner who already has systems in place for network security, then you are probably ahead of the game. If you have a network security plan, but are still struggling with infections or if you have zero to limited network security, then the AVG BootCamp would be worth your while. The best part is it is free.

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