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Google Offers Account Activity Reports Via Email

Do you know how many emails you send and receive? Do you know who you email the most? If you use Gmail you can now have the answers to those questions. Google has announced a new service, Google Activity. By signing up Google will email you a report detailing your online activity while signed into your Google account. Google Activity will also show you how many Google searches you performed; and break down the search types by percentage.

I can see that during March, I sent 42 emails to 17 people. I received 397 emails from 107 people. I performed 330 Google searches; 73% were web searches and 17% were for images. Google Activity will also provide you with statistics for your YouTube account. The report shows how many views your videos have received; and which is the most popular.

Google Activity provides better usage stastitics than Google Dashboard. Dashboard is like the raw data in a census report. Google Activity shows you how that data is being used by you and how others are using your google products. That can be very powerful when protecting your online activities. If you see that your Google account has been accessed from a device you do not own or from a location you've never visited, then you can take steps to protect your account. Even if you do not detect fraudulent acivity, it would be a good idea to enable 2-step verification sooner rather than later.

Do you think that Google Activity is a good idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. How likely are you to use Google Activity? Take our poll and tell us.
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