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How Do You Plan To Use Google Drive?

Google is set to announced today its cloud storage service called Drive. Rumor has it that Google will offer up to 100GB of storage space for an annual fee. Free accounts will have 5GB of storage space.

Sources say that Google Drive will come with enhanced search tools to help you find your stuff. One expected feature is the ability to search text within a PDF image file. No word has been received on pricing. However, given Google's current pricing structure (see below), a subscription of 25 cents per GB per year seems likely.

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Although Google currently offers 5 different storage options for its Docs product, we still don't know what tiers will be available with Drive. Although the 18 cents per GB per year fee from Box is the cheapest among popular cloud storage services, most people will not need 1 TB of space. If Google Drive offers a 5-tiered system, it will challenge Box and Dropbox to offer more storage options, lower their prices, or both.

Just as Google does with its current products, access to Drive will be available through your browser on your computer and an app on your phone or tablet.

Google has already posted instructions on how to transfer ownership of your documents in Google Docs to Google Drive.

Cloud computing with Google Drive is an excellent opportunity for educators and students. If a teacher assigns a project to be done in groups, the students can collaborate using documents on a Google Drive account. Similarly, a teacher can provide assignments through a Google Drive account, setting the permissions on a particular folder or file so that the students can access it.

How do you plan to use Google Drive? Let us know in the comments.
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Update: Google just officially announced Google Drive.