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Should You Buy an iPad 3?

Apple, Inc. is expected to announce the release of the iPad 3 today in San Francisco. Reports are that Siri will be included. It will include a high definition (1080P) display; leading some to believe that Apple will call it the iPad HD. Should you buy the iPad 3? If you have $500-$800 in disposable cash, then, yes, you should. For the frugal tech consumer, there are other options. It is expected that Apple will reduce the price of the iPad 2 with the release of the iPad HD. This would be a great opportunity for fans of the Apple line of tech products. If brand is not important to you, then you may consider other less-expensive options. Just like computers and smart phones that run different operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, etc.), different tablets run on different operating systems. Amazon's Kindle is one option. Google's Android OS has proven to be a formidable force in the smart phone market. The Android OS is also available on many tablets. A quick search for Android tablets will give you a list of tablets that run Android. These alternatives will help you decide if the iPad 3 is worth the cost; or if you can have the features you want without the price tag.